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“Michael Landau may not have actually been born holding a guitar but once he picked it up he never put it down (how does he bathe?). He can lay down a concrete foundation, hang a mobile in space or light up the flame-thrower and scorch the rubble. While it has been an honor to have him apply his genius to my music these many years, Michael shines brightest on his own creation: ultimate chops in the service of a startling and deep artistic vision. A quiet man with only one avenue of escape; he is the complete virtuoso.”
James Taylor
December 2009

“Michael Landau is the perfect blend of someone who makes any music that he plays sound its BEST, with amazing skill, creativity and musicianship, AND is truly an ARTIST with a unique voice that can evoke any emotion. It’s no wonder that on sessions I would continually hear, “get Landau, get Landau”! The “WOW” factor is what we all feel after we hear or play with him. I experienced that the very first time we played, and ALWAYS since then.”
Vinnie Colaiuta

“Michael Landau is one of the finest guitar players/musicians in the world. If you have not seen him you are missing one of our best. Make the effort! The music he writes is other worldly and totally as original as he is. Run, don’t walk to hear him”.
Steve Lukather

“In the world of music, every so often a player comes along with a unique voice and style that turns your head around. Guitarist Michael Landau is just such a player. His natural touch, palette of tones, timbres, and sounds; his original style, and formidable chops are only outdone by the tasteful way he puts it all together. I am a fan of accompanists, and rhythm guitarists in particular, and Mike’s list of sideman CD credits is a testament to his mastery in that area. But what a lot of people aren’t aware of is the amazing CD’s he has done as a solo artist –
check him out and let him turn your head around.”
Chuck Loeb

“Michael Landau is truly one of the best guitarists in the world and witnessing his trio is a spiritual awakening!”
Kirk Eli Fletcher